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October 30, 2017 | Charlotte, NC – Stephanie Jenkins has joined ETHIX360 as their first Chief Compliance Officer.  In her role, Stephanie will be responsible for oversight of all compliance risks and quality. As Chief Compliance Officer, she will focus on building a culture of compliance from the ground up and help ensure the company meets all its compliance management responsibilities. 

Stephanie’s 13 years of diverse compliance experience and education allow her to have a unique understanding of what it takes to set up a robust compliance program and how to use her powers for good and help other compliance professionals make a difference.  

J Rollins, ETHIX360’s founder and CEO, commented, “Stephanie is an important part of the management team we need to take ETHIX360 to the next level in the market.  Her combination of business acumen, ethix and compliance experience and education let her bring unique value to the table.  I am thrilled to have her join and further validate our disruptive role in the market.”

ETHIX360 provides next-generation Compliance as a Service (CaaS) solutions that can be configured to seamlessly facilitate identifying, managing, investigating and resolving issues within any business.  Our enterprise-class solution,  CaseTracTM, helps minimize the negative impact on an organization’s reputation and the creation of financial liabilities or other harmful consequences.  Reporting of concerns is enabled via a variety of technologies that can be deployed to support the multi-lingual input of a globally diverse constituent base.  CaseTracTM’s unique resolution management solution can be configured to promote adherence to a company’s policies and procedures for any program such as Employee Code of Conduct, Supply Chain Code of Conduct, Safety, Asset Protection, HR employee relations, FCPA compliance and more.  Powerful workflow engines and a notification matrix couple with system-wide security and data privacy rules to automate the resolution of a concern in accordance with the company’s standards.  Through real-time dashboards and data analysis, Intercede provides users and executive management with enterprise-wide visibility of issues enabling effective responses and proactive, continuous improvement.

“I’ve had the unique opportunity to be on all sides of the compliance fence. From managing global ethics and compliance programs to providing boutique style compliance consulting to educating sales professionals on how better understand and connect with the compliance buyer,” said Stephanie Jenkins, Chief Compliance Officer. “I’m honored to be apart of a company that has committed leadership, an inspiring vision, and quality products designed to make the lives of compliance professionals easier. I look forward to contributing to ETHIX360’s continued success and to helping shape the future of the compliance profession and industry.