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May 31, 2017 | Washington, DC – ETHIX360 today announced the release of ReflectionsTM.  Commenting on the release, ETHIX360 founder and CEO J Rollins said, “we are very excited to release ReflectionsTM.  Feedback from our clients has consistently shown that by integrating data gained in 3rd party exit interviews, their visibility into hidden issues has increased by up to 20% enabling them to deploy critical risk mitigation steps reducing their liabilities and exposure. ”

ReflectionsTM brings to the market a unique approach to integrated 3rd party exit interviews.  Research has shown that exit interviews, when done internally, do not reveal the true reasons that employees are leaving.  Often times, departing employees fear burning a bridge that may cost them a positive reference in the future is not worth the risk of reporting their trues reason for departing, especially if it related to management conduct.

ReflectionsTM leverages both an automated ability for departing employees to offer information anonymously as well as by direct interaction with call center staff.  This critical data, is then managed in CaseTracTM, the award winning case management solution from ETHIX360, to give their clients a unique and powerful view into issues faced and witnessed by employees.  

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At ETHIX360, our goal is simple, to provide an affordable, flexible and comprehensive answer to employee communication and case management on issues related to corporate ethics, code of conduct, fraud, bribery and workplace violence.  To learn more about ETHIX360, please visit, or follow us on twitter @ethix360.