CaseTrac, ETHIX360’s enterprise class solution, is risk management software that is used by our diverse clients throughout the world, including a number of Global 50 firms, to help them:

  • Minimize exposure to risk

  • Improve employee morale

  • Protect their brand and corporate image

  • Reduce loss due to theft or malfeasance

  • Become a more compliant and responsive organization

CaseTrac™ equips your organization with one enterprise control system used to collect, manage and resolve incidents from across the enterprise. This means each department entrusted with risk management responsibilities can configure the system to automate and enforce their own unique processes for collecting and managing incidents, whether it be with a compliance hotline, whistleblower hotline, or anything else.

Most businesses – large and small – have no automated way to ensure that their compliance and risk management policies and procedures regarding all forms of harassment and bullying at work are consistently executed throughout their enterprises. Multiple call centers and compliance hotlines, an array of spreadsheets and notes are used within processes that are inconsistent across the business in order to receive and resolve concerns. This can leave the company exposed to law suits, bad publicity and the creation of a negative image that can seriously damage the company’s brand and value.

With CaseTrac™, ETHIX360’s clients can instantiate their policies and procedures into the risk management software. This ensures consistency in execution to help each department reach the best resolution via processes that are in compliance with the company’s policies and procedures. Constituents’ confidence and morale are boosted when they feel their company not only hears their concerns, but responds to them in a way that improves their work life and the quality of the company.


Studies have proven that the major keys to the success of any concern reporting program are:

  • Program Branding

  • Program Access by Constituents

  • Ease of Use for Reporting

  • Proven Anonymity

  • Lack of Retaliation

Incident and Concern Reporting

ETHIX360 works with its clients to define the programs that should be implemented, the target constituents, the program branding and the optimal of concern reporting preferred by these constituents. From web reporting and a world-class call center with a whistleblower hotline all the way to email, texting and Interactive Voice Response (IVR), CaseTrac™ offers the industry’s most comprehensive intake methods for reporting concerns. Clients can select from these methods based on the approach that is most accessible and culturally natural for the program’s constituent base. Protecting the anonymity of the reporter is critical and is supported through CaseTrac™’s reporting options. The ability to communicate with a reporter – even an anonymous reporter – is also a critical capability that is fully supported by CaseTrac™.

Reporting bullying at work in multiple languages is fully supported throughout CaseTrac™. The unique Voice Response reporting capability allows clients’ constituents to call directly into an automated system that responds in the reporter’s language. This solution allows the reporter to communicate their concern at their own pace without the need for a translator. The IVR is widely utilized by global clients and European-based clients whose constituents require a number of language options.

The ETHIX360 Web Services application provides an API to leading HRIS solutions, and variety of other data sources into the CaseTrac™ platform. A number of clients have also implemented CaseTrac™’s federated sign-on capabilities for users who participate in the review, investigation and resolution of reported concerns.

This approach to establishing the clients program helps facilitate its maximum utilization and value. ETHIX360 believes that the more constituents report to the company, the more the company can learn and improve its performance.


CaseTrac™ provides the industry’s most powerful risk management software for the review, investigation, resolution, reporting and analysis of concerns for all of the client's programs. The solution includes a powerful workflow engine and notification matrix along with a comprehensive, easy-to-use reporting and analysis platform.



Case Management

The solution can be configured to support the company’s defined policies and procedures for any of its programs. These programs may include Employee Code of Conduct, Supply Chain Code of Conduct, Asset Protection, Employee HR support and more. Many companies also require different management processes or compliance hotlines depending on the geolocation of the reported concern and its severity. Program type, concern category, severity and geographic location are variables that may be considered when establishing the resolution management processes. This capability is provided in full data privacy with access control in order to comply with HIPAA and other data privacy standards. Each user is only allowed to see the data for concerns that are within their defined domain.

Once these processes are defined, CaseTrac™ automates the process of completing the resolutions in a manner and on a timeline that is compliant with the company’s policies and procedures. Case management ownership and notifications can be automated or manually assigned. Alert and exception reporting will notify managers when individual cases are not meeting the corporate guidelines for timely completion. Ad hoc processes for special cases requiring privileged and confidential, legal, or other authorizations are supported. The unique multi-allegation feature of our risk management software facilitates the management of concerns that include more than one type of issue. During the resolution management process, messages can be provided to the reporter and questions can be asked – even of an anonymous reporter. The powerful “related cases” functionality and a variety of query capabilities – including keyword searches – provide tools for the managers and investigators to quickly understand the magnitude of the issues they are reviewing.


The CaseTrac™ reporting platform provides a variety of options for ad hoc and standard reporting to the organization. From the users’ landing pages to reporting dashboards, to ad hoc reporting and powerful query capabilities, CaseTrac™ is designed to allow non-technical users to configure the information they need to perform efficiently. Data can also be exported via a variety of pre-defined technologies.

Detailed case history is automatically maintained for every case. Each activity is time- and date-stamped along with the owner information. All related cases, investigation details – interviews, site visits, and evidence collection – are included within Case History. This provide management a single source for understanding exactly what happen with the concern – from reporting through resolution and follow up action.


Reporting and Analytics

To help you monitor your organization, CaseTrac™ reporting and analysis offers a wide range of standard and ad hoc reports for each application area (e.g. human resources, asset protection, safety, etc.) accessible with the click of a mouse. Reports by our risk management software are lists, summaries, and analyses of your data, which you can display, print or export for further analysis.


Access to the CaseTrac™ reporting and analysis begins at the Dashboard, which at a glance will give you all the key metrics you need to quickly assess the current health of your organization related to all areas of incident and allegation management. Displayed on one screen, statistics related to all allegation types are graphically presented, and the user can have the instant ability to drill down, or extract to a common format for analysis using a third-party reporting tool.

Standard Reports

Access to a standard set of reports for each program is provided, and each client can select the specific reports that will help meet their requirements. Standard Reports include:

Allegation Reports

  • Allegation Mapping

  • Allegation Summary

  • Allegation within Region

  • Allegation Report

  • Allegation within All

Case Summary Reports

  • Case Summary with Detail link

  • Case Summary within All

  • Case Summary By Allegation W/Region

  • Case Summary By Allegation W/All

  • Case Summary Within Region

  • Case Summary By Allegation Report

Case Delinquency Reports

  • Case Delinquency within Region

  • Case Delinquency Report

  • Case Delinquency within All

  • Number of Cases Report

Case Completion Reports

  • Case Completion Report

  • Case Completion Report within Region

  •         Case Completion Report within All


Ease of Use

Reports are generated by our risk management software on demand and include up-to-the-minute information, simply by clicking on any of the predefined reports. That data can then be stored, printed or exported to a third party reporting application.

With just a click of the Export Data button, a drop-down menu lets you determine the best format to facilitate easy use of the exported dataset, ranging from a simple .CSV format, able to be read by any third party reporting tool, to an application-specific format such as .XLS for Microsoft Excel.

All reports can also be displayed in Adobe’s industry-leading .PDF format for easy “small file” distribution to the necessary constituencies within your organization.

Powerful ad hoc query and key word search functionality allows each user to meet many daily information requirements as they arise.

With a wide variety of comprehensive and easy-to-use “point and click” standard and tailored reports, simple user-defined data extracts and intuitive PDF generation for information distribution, CaseTrac™ reporting and analysis transforms your data into actionable information - where and when you need it most.