Corporate Social Responsibility

At ETHIX360, we focus our social responsibility efforts in three ways.  First, we encourage employees to volunteer in their local communities and we allow them to use up to 10 hours per month of paid time as volunteer hours.  Our employees deliver Meals on Wheels, tutor at elementary schools, volunteer at homeless shelters and serve meals to the homeless.  We’re proud of each one of them and their individual contributions to their community.

As a vendor, we also donate systems to charitable organizations who benefit from systems like CaseTracTM, but might not otherwise have the means to acquire them.  Take City-Gate in Washington DC – they provide much needed after school care, homework assistance and even ,meals to kids in underserved communities and public housing areas.  Many of the grants they can be eligible for require them to have anonymous reporting systems to protect children, families and volunteers.  Organizations like City-Gate are funded from grants and donations, and they sacrifice all other expenses to be able to better serve the kids.  That’s where ETHIX360 comes in – we donated a system and all service costs to them and maintain it in perpetuity at no charge.  This gives then a state of the art anonymous reporting and case management tool to tout as they seek grants and donations, allowing them to qualify for more and ultimately serve more kids.

Lastly, sustainability.  So how does a software company contribute to sustainability efforts?  It’s not like we’re a manufacturer with waste material or emissions to deal with.  But nonetheless, we want to leave this world a little better than we found it – so we make every effort to be socially responsible and aware in decisions where we can have a positive impact on the environment.  Some of that is easy – recycle and purchase products made from recycled material whenever possible.  And what I call “the 1 degree rule” … turn the thermostat up or down 1 degree to use that much less energy.  Now those are hard to measure but some are not.  We try now to present remotely whenever possible and in February of 2018, the reduction in air travel resulted in 885,612,316 pounds of CO2 emissions being saved.

We’ll keep our focus on being a responsible company – responsible to our shareholders, our clients, our employees, our communities and the planet we all share.