At ETHIX360, we believe that maintaining an effective culture is so important that it, in fact, trumps even strategy. Every idea starts with the need for a solution to a problem, and the idea behind ETHIX360 was no different. Our team puts a lot of energy behind solving problems with the best case management software, and before our solutions, the problems companies had with tools to support Governance, Risk and Compliance frameworks were completely missing the mark.

We began letting our culture shine by studying the very things about our industry we didn’t like. We focused on building solutions for HR case management that we would want to use ourselves; solutions that WE would trust, that WE would believe in – solutions that would make us trust our company to act in our best interest. Together then and there we realized that our company culture could be summed up in one word – empathy. Just as every solution we come to regarding our employees starts with a discussion about their needs, so too does every decision we make about our clients begin with a discussion WITH those clients


Founder and CEO

J is a well known leader and innovator who has been part of the senior leadership team for two IPO's, numbers A, B, and C funding round and several sell side transactions. Operationally, J has 20+ years in sales marketing leaderships with companies from start-ups to global publicly traded companies, as well as experience managing product development.


Stephanie Jenkins

Chief Compliance Officer

Stephanie is a seasoned ethics and compliance (E&C) professional. She has earned an MA in both Business and Professional and Applied Ethics and is a graduate of The Ethics & Compliance Initiative Managing Ethics in an Organization Program. Prior to and during her E&C career, Stephanie served in the United States Marine Corps Reserves and the North Carolina Air National Guard.

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Chief Technology Officer

Allen is responsible for all aspects of system design, architecture and development for the CaseTrac solutions and platform.  Allen transformed ETHIX360 development organization to an agile methodology team focused on delivering scalable, rugged and maintainable code.  Prior to ETHIX360, Allen was instrumental in developing applications in the insurance industry for incident reporting and case management as a full stack web application developer.


VP of Marketing

Well known as a social media maven, Hope bring years of experience in driving brand awareness and lead generation through creative strategies.  Additionally Hope has demonstrated success at driving adoption through social media for numerous brands.



VP of Client Services

An industry veteran, Steve has managed both Product Marketing as well as the Client Services and Implementation teams for compliance and case management vendors for 10 years, and oversees both at ETHIX360.



Chief People Officer

Ryle brings extraordinary people skills to ETHIX360, with an innate ability to  identify friend or foe.  Quick to offer a wag of the tail to encourage employee morale, or offer up a belly to rub as a reward for going above and beyond, Ryle's people skills are invaluable to all of us at ETHIX360.


If you’d like to join a team that’s all about innovation, empathy for our clients and empathy for our employees, reach out!