ETHIX360 provides next-generation Compliance as a Service (CaaS) solutions that can be configured to seamlessly facilitate identifying, managing, investigating and resolving issues within any business. Our enterprise class solution, CaseTrac™, helps minimize the negative impact on an organization’s reputation, and the creation of financial liabilities or other harmful consequences. Reporting of concerns and workplace investigations are enabled via a variety of technologies that can be deployed to support the multi-lingual input of a globally diverse constituent base. CaseTrac™’s unique resolution management solution can be configured to promote adherence to a company’s policies and procedures for any program such as Employee Code of Conduct, Supply Chain Code of Conduct, Safety, Asset Protection, HR employee relations, FCPA compliance and more. This can include everything from workplace sexual harassment and bullying at work to Medicare fraud waste and abuse. Powerful workflow engines and a notification matrix couple with system-wide security and data privacy rules to automate the resolution of concern in accordance with the company’s standards. Through real-time dashboards and data analysis, ETHIX360 provides users and executive management with enterprise-wide visibility of issues enabling effective responses and proactive, continuous improvement.

ETHIX360’s innovative solution has been designed and developed by experts in the fields of ethics, law, mediation, arbitration, human resources, labor, government services and web based applications. ETHIX360’s best practices for mitigating and managing risk can be configured to accommodate each client’s preferred organizational processes and procedures.

ETHIX360 clients include global leaders in insurance, global package delivery, retail, technology, healthcare mining, energy, schools and many other industries. These clients have deployed a variety of programs targeted to just a few employees or over 500,000 employees and contractors. Collectively, these clients support operations in virtually every country in the world.

Our mission is to continue to develop and deploy innovative technologies that help companies of all types understand their corporate risks through communications with their constituents, manage to resolution those reported concerns in a consistent manner that is compliant with the corporation’s policies and procedures and provide the related reporting and information analysis that addresses both the tactical and strategic needs of the business.