Please read this Data Protection Notice carefully before reporting your concern. 


1.       What is the Hotline/ Helpline?

This third-party hotline/helpline is operated by ETHIX360, Inc. (ETHIX360), 10800 Independence Pointe Parkway, Suite D, Matthews, NC 28105, USA.  ETHIX360 operates the hotline/ helpline webpages you may use to report a concern and partners with Microsoft Azure to protect and store all reports.

The use of this hotline/ helpline is voluntary. Please note, your report can only be received and processed if you acknowledge read and consent to this Data Protection Notice.  If you do not wish to consent to, then you should contact a manager, Compliance, Legal, Human Resources, or a member of your organization's leadership team. You may file your report anonymously, unless due to local countries regulation that prevents anonymous reporting through the hotline/ helplines. In these counties, you may still report our concern but will be required to provide your name and contact information.


2.       What information may be collected about you?

When you use this hotline/helpline, your organization and ETHIX360 may receive, process and retain your personal information that you choose to provide, via web or telephone-based report intake system. This information may include information that you want to provide when making your report, for example, you may decide to provide:

·         your name, email address, office address, telephone number, location, department/organization and job title.

·         Other information that you choose to provide when making your reports, such as any description of an incident or alleged misconduct.


3.       Who will have access to your personal information be?

For the purpose of processing your report, the personal data and information may be accessed, processed and used by relevant personnel of the organization responsible for managing the report, including human resources, internal auditing, legal, security or management and external advisors (e.g., legal advisors), and by technical staff at ETHIX360.

Personal data and information may also be disclosed to the police, other enforcement or regulatory authorities and otherwise if required by applicable law. Please note that any person that you report via this hotline/ helpline will be notified at an appropriate time that a report has been filed. Your identity will not be disclosed. However, any person that you report is entitled to correct your description of the relevant circumstances giving rise to your report. 

4.       How will your personal information be used?

·         ETHIX360 will collect and retain any personal information you provide in any report on behalf of your organization and will provide this information to your organization as part of any report that you make.

·         ETHIX360 may also use any personal information you provide in any report to administer the hotline/helpline on behalf of your organization and to generate statistical data for your organization.

·         The organization responsible for managing the report will use and retain any personal information you provide in any report to assess any incident, concern, or allegation that you report, to determine if any investigation is required, to investigate the matter reported where appropriate, and for internal reporting purposes.

·         The organization responsible for managing the report may also use any personal information you provide if requested by law enforcement agencies and other government or regulatory authorities, to comply with legal needs such as; applicable laws, regulations, any subpoena or court order.


Please be aware that any information you supply about yourself and others, and any aspects of your organization operations, may result in decisions that affect you or others. When using this hotline/helpline, you should only provide information that is correct and factual as far as you know, at the time you may your report.


5.       How long will my personal information be retained for?

The personal data you provided will be kept if it is necessary to process your report (including any investigations by the competent department), or, if applicable, if they are necessary to initiate sanctions or if the data needs to be kept for legal reasons.

6.       How can I access my personal information?

You have a right to request a copy of the personal information that the organization responsible for managing the hotline/ helpline program holds about you. If you would like a copy of some or all your personal information, please send an email to

7.       ETHIX360 Privacy Policy

For additional information regarding ETHIX360’s Privacy Policy visit